Black & White Yard© by Bob Shallenberger

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Men walk in pairs on the concrete trail with scuffed steel-toed boots and warn-out soles, drab green shirts and khaki pants with brown tops. In grey sweats and shorts they share dull tales and impractical plans, their silver or flecked manes and rough long beards move with each step and word. Some sport colorless athletic shoes or brown hiking boots …

“The Power of One” by Bryce Courtenay

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The story of a boy (self-named Peekay) growing up in South Africa before, during and after World War II with the negative Nazi influence and how it became a part of his and his country’s life and how he was able to fight its evil nature his entire life. Peekay would become a national boxing champion but that’s not nearly …

“Baseball” by George Vecsey

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The most detailed history of the American pastime you will ever read! If you thought baseball was created by Abner Doubleday or that it originated in the Unites States then you need to read this book to get your facts straight. It is written so well that it reads less like a history book and more like a story. The …

“SEAL Team Six” by Howard Wasdin

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An autobiography of a member of America’s most powerful band of anti-terrorists. The author details SEAL training and what it takes to become a member of Team Six. He also recounts specific historically significant events he participated in including the truth about the Blackhawk Down events in Somalia. MUST READ

“Papillion” by Henri Charriere

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An autobiography about a Frenchman in the late 1930’s falsely convicted of murder in the early 20th century and his nearly two decades of failed and finally successful escape attempts from the French Guiana Island prison chambers. If it weren’t a true account you wouldn’t believe it could possibly be true…but it is. One of the best books I have …