Served Up© By Bob Shallenberger

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Homes stripped from once proud fam­i­lies by gov­­ern­­ment-fund­ed, too-big-to-fail banks with cash reserves the size of third world regimes. Their futures ripped away with­out con­sid­er­a­tion or com­pas­sion, devoid of sup­port from mul­ti-termed elect­ed pen push­ers who live off their pain and mis­ery in their man­sions dis­count­ed by promis­es and favors, their mount­ing port­fo­lios of insid­er trades and equi­ty scraped off …

Solar Shacks© By Bob Shallenberger

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Hey you, Dis­con­nect­ed Glob­al Elite: they don’t need solar pan­els on their shacks! The sun won’t feed the bil­lion peo­ple who go to bed hun­gry every night, the mass­es of starv­ing chil­dren dying from con­t­a­m­i­na­tion, devoid of vac­ci­na­tions, treat­ment and sup­plies. Feed the chil­dren then redec­o­rate the neigh­bor­hood with your fan­cy giz­mos, your pre­cious over­priced gad­gets bolt­ed on the roofs …

The Silence of Stoke© By Bob Shallenberger

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The waves shim­mer under the fad­ing moon as the ocean starts its day just before its dawn. Glow­ing shades of turquoise, calm, bright and clear, with waves expand­ing, the sun climbs above the hori­zon beyond a palm-framed, post­­card-per­­fect island. No one around to enjoy nature’s majesty but dol­phins and a cou­ple sharks: not anoth­er surfer for hun­dreds of miles. Relaxed. …

No Body© By Bob Shallenberger

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Lime green zoot, striped thin, masked, vest flow­ing loose atop white sad­dles bony, shored at the base. Sil­ver chain spin­ning watch on end, broad brim rest­ing low on its gaunt brow, pal­try fea­tures gaz­ing, star­ing, smirk­ing, schem­ing as the unknow­ers look for a clue, a hint to solve the endur­ing mys­tery of the dead. by Bob Shal­len­berg­er

Shantaram” by Gregory David Roberts

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I received this book in April unex­pect­ed­ly from my mom’s friend who has lit­er­al­ly known me since birth. Although I was real­ly hon­ored that she took the time to write me and to send me a book, I was a fright­ened by its 932-page length, so much so that it took me more than four months to pick it up. …