Devil In the White City” by Erik Larsen

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Dev­il In the White City” by Erik Larsen. Crazy true sto­ry about a cou­ple of dif­fer­ent rel­a­tive­ly promi­nent cit­i­zens of Chica­go around the turn of the cen­tu­ry and their vir­tu­al­ly par­al­lel mur­der­ous lives. It’s the sec­ond book I’ve read here by Larsen; I real­ly enjoyed both very much. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED (sent by Michelle Man­ning)  

The Man© by Bob Shallenberger

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Sweat trick­les beneath a black shirt, untucked, vin­tage, and well-worn for years with guests and sub­sti­tutes always beside the oth­er ones. Mag­net­ic beats echo long side by side, above at back, throb­bing tem­pos call out the mid­dle faith­ful, mics high log­ging each and every set. Crowds fil­ing and mov­ing to the rhyth­mic cadence of a dying man, voice brash and …