The Merry-Go-Round© by Bob Shallenberger

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Sun-bleached dreads striped by homespun bands, tousled and muddled from the resilient north plains wind. Long beards tattered, peppered white and gray. Tattooed skin, red from the Dakota sun. Bifocals plastic, thick and brown. Tee shirts faded mauve and sage. Shoes pale, old and tattered. Sweatpants frayed from countless miles and myriad hours training, circling the oblong track. Radios pinned …

“Calico Joe” by John Grisham

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This is the first novel I can recall reading…in a long, long time. I guess “A Catcher In The Rye” is a novel, but definitely not a modern-day novel. Granted, this book, which is about a pair of fictional Major League Baseball players and their intertwined careers, contains numerous factual depictions of the early 1970 MLB players and overall history. …

“No Childhood” by Edith Rogers

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This is a very interesting book written by a Holocaust survivor about her experiences as a young girl during the Nazi reign in Germany. The stories are very basic — could have been translated from German to English — with some poetry. What’s most unique is the perspective from a young girl whose mother and brother were taken away and …

“All Things Possible” by Kurt Warner

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Pretty much about the 1999 Super Bowl season…nothing too new here…I think he wrote it in May of that year. The book has been repackaged Arizona Cardinal Red. The only thing that has changed is that page 267 which originally contained Kurt’s stats from that magical season are missing…go figure. GOOD BOOK

“The Catcher in the Rye” by J. D. Salinger

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I first read this classic in the 6th grade after learning about it in the “Preppy Handbook” in the early 80’s. I appreciated it much more this go around and gained inspiration of style for my current work in progress. Although I still can’t understand why it’s a cult classic, it’s a great book — and a short read — …

“Outliers” by Malcolm Gladwell

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This might be the most interesting and insightful book I have ever read. By definition an “outlier” is a phenomenon that lies outside of normal experience. This book focuses on the story of people whose lives and experiences are phenomenal in that regard. It explains the careers of really successful people like Bill Gates and discusses what specifically lead to …

“Ciento” by Lorena Dee Cervantes

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We live in a world devoid of complete sentences, phrases or speech. Our world has been overrun by Facebook and Twitter and the constant 100-word profile updates. This book contains 100 poems each comprised of 100 words or less. One would expect the poetry to be contrived and weak. Instead, it is really outstanding. For the Priory guys out there …

“The Extra 2%” by Jonah Keri

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Some call this the next “Moneyball”. I’d say it is more like an organizational approach to Moneyball. It’s about the transformation of the perennial last-place Tampa Bay Devil Rays to one of the top organizations in baseball, the Tampa Bay Rays. The Rays did the unthinkable by hiring non-baseball minds from Wall Street to transform the organization. They revolutionized how …

“Killing Lincoln” by Bill O’Reilly & Martin Dugand

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This historically accurate account of the final two weeks of the life of Abraham Lincoln is compelling and riveting. It covers the last week of the Civil war through Lincoln’s assassination and the capture of John Wilkes Booth and his conspirators. I read this book in 24 hours and just two sittings. My mom outdid herself on this one that’s …

“Animal Farm” by George Orwell

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This book is a classic which was assigned while I was at Priory about 30 years ago that either I never thoroughly read or have simply forgotten. I saw it laying in the hallway of my unit in the book pile and figured “no better time than the present” to (re-)read it. I am glad I did. Orwell was a …